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Clickers & Flickers Photo Network Summer/Fall 2015 Schedule:

Clickers & Flickers Photo Network is CELEBRATING several important things:


Post Office Box 6094 * Malibu, California 90264-6094 * (626) 794-7447



Dear C&F Members & Friends:


Clickers & Flickers Photo Network is CELEBRATING several important things:


 1) Clickers & Flickers Photo Network's 30th Anniversary;


2) Malibu Mom's 93rd birthday this month; and


3) C&F's Founder & President, Dawn Hope Stevens' survival  of two cancer

 surgeries; hearing that her heart was only functioning at 30%

 and at "high risk of sudden death."


Clickers & Flickers: "the" Photography Network Celebrates 30 years this AUGUST!

Premier Speakers.  Great Connections.   Food & Fun!


► July 29, 2015 (Wednesday) – Honored Guest Speaker, Patricia Lanza, began her career in photography with the National Geographic Society - first as a photo researcher, then as a photography editor, followed by 8 years as a contract photographer. She had over 700 pictures published, assignments across 5 continents and 48 countries.  Ms. Lanza has been the Director of Talent and Content for the Annenberg Space for Photography from its inception 10 years ago up to the present.  Patricia will share her personal photography  of Russian Circuses at C&F's photo-networking dinner, best described as a "Mini Photo Festival".  Join us. RSVP required.


► August 25, 2015 & September 30, 2015  –  Clickers & Flickers Photo Networking Dinners, a/k/a as "Mini Photo Festivals" -  Honor Guest speakers To Be Announced!


► October 27, 2015 (Tuesday)   – Clickers & Flickers' Halloween Network Dinner.

Honor Guest speaker To Be Announced.  This will be the 5th Year C&F participates in the Daniel Pearl World Music Days, honoring the late Wall Street Journalist/Violinist Daniel Pearl with  surprise musicians in attendance.


The Clickers & Flickers' magazine celebrating our 30th Anniversary will be mailed Hot Off The Press to PAID  members announcing C&F Special Events and upcoming Honored Guest Speakers.  ***Advertise  in the next issue.  Invites & Space are limited.  Time To Celebrate.***.


Best vibes ~

Dawn Hope Stevens

 "Connector of the DOTS" .....


P.S.  SAMY of Samy's Camera called me personally to invite C&F members to a Special Event at the Crest Theatre in Westwood on July 16, 2015 with Douglas Kirkland.  FREE.  RSVP here.



Welcome to the Clickers and Flickers Photography Network!


Clickers and Flickers is a dynamic, ever expanding network of photographers, digital artists, darkroom artists, filmmakers, curators, photographic vendors and photo enthusiasts of all kinds. Our members range in expertise from complete beginners to working professionals to nationally known artists.


This mix is one of our strengths. The combination of an amateur’s passion and a professional’s expertise stoke the creative fires of all our members.

Photographers From all Walks of Life

Our Premiere Event

Join our monthly dinner lecture. We attract world class photographers and photo professionals, such as publishers, curators, collectors, photo magazine editors and writers to speak on their area of expertise. Check out our list of past speakers. Your favorite photographer is most probably there. If you’re an architectural photographer, we’ve had Julius Shulman and Marvin Rand. If you’re a rock and roll photographer, we’ve had Henry Diltz and Jim Marshall

Clickers & Flickers Photography Network

Is just what the title says, we are a dynamic group of photography and film loving enthusiasts who love getting together to compare images and ideas, to ask and answer questions, to share job opportunities and to meet new people who share our passion. Come join us. We’d love to meet you!

Clickers & Flickers Magazine

Want to do your own thing? Our Magazine lists the local events that are perfect for photographers. From gallery openings to cultural events to local festivities, our events page tells you when and where to find them.


If you’re a travel photographer, we’ve had National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig and stock photographer Jim Zuckerman. If you’re a landscape photographer we’ve had Marc Meunch. Wildlife? B. “Moose” Peterson. Sports? Andrew Bernstein and Howard Bingham. Photojournalism? Boris Yaro and Steve Schapiro. Fashion? Melvin Sokolsky. The list goes on and on. Do check it out


Advantages to attending the C&F networking dinners:

Not only great guest speakers & raffle prizes, but it’s a perfect venue for YOU to promote yourself! Make announcements and hear “Breaking News” announcements which are not in the C&F magazine, and not on our website





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