Anton Orlov



Event held on Wednesday, November 20, 2013


NTON ORLOV, a Russian émigré, photographer & camera collector will share his love affair with analog photography and adventures in a 35ft. school bus he converted into a darkroom and art studio. Anton will touch on “Orlov’s Magic Lantern Experience” about found glass-plate slides made by an American in Russia in 1917. He also offers original tintypes for sale.


Anton started his love affair with the photographic medium early on in his life. While still living in Russia at the age of 12 he learned the craft of printing his own images using his grandfather’s primitive darkroom equipment. He would spend his allowance money on film and paper to capture his classmates’ images using a Smena 8 camera and then lock himself away overnight in the only bathroom in his parents Moscow apartment to emerge in the morning with a stack of prints, which he would joyfully give away to his friends later that day. After immigrating to United States he earned his photography A.A. from Palomar College in San Marcos, CA and later a B.F.A. degree from San Jose State University school of Art and Design. Working as a photographer for various businesses since 1998 Anton has learned portraiture, still-life and other aspects of commercial photography. He has also enjoyed teaching photography to a wide range of audiences, from middle school kids to college students and one-on-one classes in his San Diego 6-enlarger darkroom.


Orlov’s work can be found in Nikon’s Best of College Photography Annual (2000 & 2006); Photographer’s Forum Magazine (2001); Madison Review Magazine, University of Wisconsin, (2002); Light Leak Magazine, San Jose State University (2005); Reed Magazine, San Jose State University (2006) and Hidden Alcatraz, UC Press (2011). He has exhibited in numerous shows including: Small Works, Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick, Australia (2007), and World Photos, International Cultural Center, Komamoto Japan (2008). Anton’s love of travel leads him to the far reaches of the world. From Nepal to Guatemala Anton dragged his over-sized camera bag stuffed with an average of 7 film cameras in order to capture human condition as he found it. He travels the USA in his converted school bus, the rear 12ft of which have been turned into a full-size darkroom. The Photo Palace Bus, as it is known, has been a personal dream of Anton’s since 1997, when he was inspired by seeing a similar vehicle equipped with a glass-blowing studio in Oregon. You can find more information about that unique project at



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