DAVE BANKS,  a three-time Emmy-winning Photojournalist &

International Documentarian, presents "Cue The Camels"


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 Date: May 25th, 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:30 - 10:00 PM.



 Reservations: (626) 794-7447 (Required at least 5 days prior to the event



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A three-time Emmy-winning Photojournalist & International Documentarian



AVE BANKS,  a three-time Emmy-winning Photojournalist & International Documentarian, presents "Cue The Camels" (the name of Dave's  new book with a foreword by Jay Leno) at Clickers & Flickers' Photo-Networking dinner, sharing some of his adventures whilst in pursuit of the coveted 'money shot'.   Dave Banks has spent 30 years in the field, chronicling the human condition. From trekking across the Sahara desert to dangling from cliffs in Australia, to being hunted by the Turkish Army.  In Banks' book "Cue The Camels", which will be available for purchase & signing at C&F, Jay Leno wrote  "Dave has written a gung-ho, self-deprecating, and wildly engaging book about his exploits when shooting documentaries around the world."   RSVP required in advance.  (626) 794-7447.


In 1999, Banks filmed the one-hour documentary ‘The Quest for Noah’s Ark’. Well aware of the ‘off limits’ status for access to Mt. Ararat by the Turkish government, Banks set out under the cover of darkness. With the help of the local underground, Banks climbed to the 16,984-foot summit of Mt. Ararat in 26 hours.  As part of the ‘War on Terrorism’ television series in 2001, Dave served as a solo journalist in Afghanistan for ‘Profiles from the Front Lines’. This 13-hour documentary was produced by Profiles Television in association with the Department of Defense and Warner Bros.


Mark Burnett Productions and the Discovery Channel contracted Banks to direct a multi-million dollar, five-hour, prime-time epic: Eco-Challenge Australia. Banks directed fifteen camera crews, four helicopters, two airplanes, two boats, and twenty Land Rovers. They were deployed over ten days in a race with 192 competitors from 15 countries, covering 335 miles from the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef. This project had the best ratings of all the Eco-Challenge series. Following the success of the Eco-Challenge Australia, Discovery Channel then contracted Banks to direct their new flagship show, ‘The Discovery Channel Adventure Race’ series. The first episode of this series took place in the Southern Alps of South Island, New Zealand.


On the subject of technology, Banks has pushed the envelope to combine storytelling and digital media. In April 2000, Quokka Sports chose Dave Banks Films to produce more than 22 mini- documentaries and over 25 vignettes for the premiere of Quokka’s broadband division. Video clips, audio journals and still images were sent via satellite back to the States for immediate broadband viewing.




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