GREG DYRO, Fine Art Photographer & Photography Instructor, presents:

"MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY:  For Better or For Worse?"
at Clickers & Flickers' photo-networking dinner.



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 Date: November 16th, 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:30 - 10:00 PM.



 Reservations: (626) 794-7447 (Required at least 5 days prior to the event



C&F members: $59 at least (5) days in advance. $59 less than 5 days prior to the event.


Non members: $59 at least (5) days in advance. $65 at the door, only if space is available.

Fine Art Photographer & Photography Instructor


REG DYRO, Fine Art Photographer & Photography Instructor, presents "MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY:  For Better or For Worse? at Clickers & Flickers' photo-networking dinner. The ability to create and then manipulate your image and present it to the world is now almost instantaneous. Is this new media the new message? Has technology made art more spontaneous or has It blurred the line between “Art” and what is a “Souvenir?” Where does the artist fit into all this? Is technology friend or foe in the creative process? Greg will explore these topics and show off his art while attempting to explain what it all means.  RSVP required in advance.  Pay Pal available at


Educated in the Fine Arts at the Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine. Greg has been making photographic images since the 5th grade when he first discovered the magic of photo paper developing in chemicals in the darkened basement of a neighbor in Newport Rhode Island. Photography has been the one constant in a life of change.  Greg teaches beginning Photoshop at Santa Monica College, Mobile photography with Glendale Community College and Digital Film making using an iPad in association with the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Greg will be sailing with Crystal in the Caribbean November and December 2016 and sailing from LA to New York via the Panama Canal  and then to Iceland in May of 2017.  More info on how to join him on a cruise at his website


Greg presents a monthly program at LADIG the Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group where he sits on the board and is Vice President of the organization. His program is called “Wacky Hacks” and shows off cool and unusual photographic things he has found on the web and elsewhere. Including a spot light on a forgotten legend of Photography.  Greg speaks often about mobile travel photography tips and techniques that apply to many types of adventures along with a discussion of the best equipment for your particular trip and photo experience.


He will be leading a Northern Tanzanian safari in 2017 in association with  Infinite Safari Adventures. "Someday" Is Now!®  There are advantages of going on a trip with a photographic expert. You will have guidance and assistance before you leave, during the trip and a consultation after the adventure to get the best from your photography.  Greg is the former Director of the Warner Bros. Studio Photo Lab and lives in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California.


Affiliations: PMA:  Photo Marketing Association International; DIMA:    Digital Imaging Marketing Association-  Board member; LADIG:  Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group-Vice President Board member

SMPSP:  Society of Motion Pictures Still Photographers-  Associate member.  You can see and read more about his photography and adventures online.,, and


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