Fine Art Erotic Photographer, STEVE DIET GOEDDE

Presents a slideshow Q&A

"New Images, New Directions of

Erotic Photographer Steve Diet Goedde" showing work

from his new 25-year retrospective book "ARRANGEMENTS" Volume III"



©Steve Diet Goedde


 Date: June 28th, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time: 6:30 - 10:00 PM.



 Reservations: (626) 794-7447 (Required at least 5 days prior to the event



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Fine Art Erotic Photographer



eturn engagement - STEVE DIET GOEDDE (pronounced 'die-it geddy'), Fine Art Erotic Photographer-Author presents a slideshow Q&A "New Images, New Directions of Erotic Photographer Steve Diet Goedde" showing work from his new 25-year retrospective book "ARRANGEMENTS" Volume III" and his recent explorations with alternative  processes such as emulsion transfers at Clickers & Flickers' Photo-Networking Dinner.  Goedde's previous C&F presentations in February, 2000 & November, 2005 were sold out.  His work is widely exhibited in galleries & museums.  RSVP required in advance.  (626) 794-7447.


Steve  Diet Goedde was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and learned the basics of darkroom work  and photography from his father, an amateur photographer.  By the age of 13, Steve was obsessed with taking photographs and started educating himself about photographers that inspired him, most notably Richard Avedon, Lillian Bassman, and Diane Arbus.  He moved to Chicago in 1985 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied filmmaking and painting.  He refused to study photography stating that he had already acquired his aesthetic and visual style. Steve has been a fine art erotic photographer since 1990.  He is known for his subtle approach to photographing alternative fashion in a very ethereal, down-to-earth style.  His attention to composition and black and white tonal quality has given him the title of the Ansel Adams of erotic photography.  Steve established his photographic style in the early 1990s in Chicago where he photographed the contents of his first book "The Beauty of Fetish" (Edition Stemmle) which was released in 1998. Vicki Goldberg, the photography critic for the New York Times, provided the introduction to Goedde’s book.  She also produced the 6-part BBC documentary on the history of 20th Century photography and is the author of “Margaret Bourke-White: A Biography” and the 1991 book “The Power of Photography: How Photographs Changed Our Lives.”


 In 1998, Steve relocated to Los Angeles where he continued to define his evolving style.  This west coast work was later compiled in his second Edition Stemmle book "The Beauty of Fetish: Volume II" in 2001.  In 2006, Slish Pix released a DVD compilation of his work entitled "Living Through Steve Diet Goedde".  In 2009, Steve collaborated with French composer Robert Waechter on a CD entitled "GoeddeConcerto" (ReadyMade Music) in which the ConcertMaster of the Philharmonic of Nice, France interprets 21 of Steve's photographs into 21 mini-concertos.  In 2016, Steve celebrates his 25 years of photography with a 3-volume book retrospective of his work entitled "ARRANGEMENTS" published by Century Guild. The three volumes will be released over a 3-year period beginning in the summer of 2016.




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