TIMOTHY WOLCOTT,  twice named

"World's Greatest Landscape Photographer" by the Smithsonian Institution,

presents  "A True Modern Master of Landscape Photography"

Timothy Wolcott



 Date: june 27,  2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 6:30 - 10:00 PM.



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"World's Greatest Landscape Photographer"



IMOTHY WOLCOTT,  twice named "World's Greatest Landscape Photographer" by the

Smithsonian Institution, presents "A True Modern Master of Landscape Photography"

at Clickers &Flickers Photo-Networking Dinner at  The Castaway.  RSVP required in advance.

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Timothy Wolcott is one of the great landscape photographers of our time.  He has traveled more than

 500,000 miles to create amazing and stunning photographs.  In his early years, he spent much of his

 time with many of the great masters.  His grandfather, Alexander S. Wolcott, was a dentist by trade

and machinist, and credited with being the inventor of the first camera.  He was the first American to

 secure a patent in the field of photography and open a portrait studio.


Timothy Wolcott's work has exhibited alongside Ansel Adams, The Weston's and Eliot Porter.   His

 work has been exhibited in more than 23 countries and many museums, including being showcase at

 the Smithsonian Institution.  To achieve his vision and high standards, his photographs are printed

using his own proprietary, 14 layer pigment printing process.  This printing process is considered by

 many in the trade publication industry to be the finest printing process of our time.  It used no

chemicals, is free of glass, eliminates the need for protective glazing and has a 200 year archival

display life. He has been called "The Da Vinci of Our Time" by Calumet Photographic Company.

 Rangefinder Magazine called Tim "The Godfather of Color."


As written by Gina Kolbe in "Timothy Wolcott: An American Original" in JetSetMag.com, Issue 2,

 2016, "Many of Tim's photographic experiences are documented in his book Along The Water's

Edge, a collection of over 77 powerful images."


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