VERN EVANS - "Photography: Telling A Story & Capturing A Moment"


Wednesday, July 30, 2014




ERN EVANS, Commercial & Fine Art Photographer, presents "Photography: Telling A Story & Capturing A Moment" reflecting his influence from Henri Cartier-Bresson's concept of the

"Decisive Moment" at C&F's photo-networking dinner, best described as a "Mini Photo Festival".


To truly "see", to capture the authenticity of character and place is what motivates photographer

Vern Evans. Whether in his Los Angeles studio or in a Cuban barrio, he asked the same of every subject, "Tell me your story". The reality of life is what Evans hopes will be revealed to the viewer.


Dreams are what catapulted Evans from his Texas childhood to the esteemed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Spellbound with images taken by Arbus, Frank, Capa, Avedon, Lange and Cartier-Bresson, he built a framework of aesthetic touchstones from which he works to this day. Process is paramount to Evans. Through the ceremony of travel and his adept gift for conversation, he moves into the process and becomes every bit a part of his subject lingering for hours to hear stories (and to tell some of his own). His ability to truly embrace his subjects has given Vern Evans the opportunity to communicate in many photographic genres over the years. Still photography for film, corporate portraiture, live performance, documentation, and art photography have given place to his artful eye. "I was never interested in artifice for the sake of beauty, to me, beauty is revealed in the realities of people engaged in an authentic life." Vern's travel and photography subjects run the gamut from Holy Men photographed in India to Boyle Heights, CA; in between and all around are subjects as diverse as "The Calm Before The Storm relating to the NHRA"; Fracking; Gustavo Dudamel for the Los Angeles Phil; Comic-Con;, Walt Disney Concert Hall; the Salton Sea; Cuba; Barlow Respiratory Hospital; Road Trip to Texas; "You Don't Know Oz"; Best in the Desert Race"'; The Ramones in Dallas, Texas 1978-80; Dia del Los Muertos in Los Angeles; Lynda Kay; Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup; along with real people, celebrity and corporate portraits with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Jackie Chan, Elle Macpherson, Gidget "Taco Bell Dog", Cheech Marin, and aviation & space explorer Richard Branson.


Vern's clients and agencies reads like a Who's Who from ABC TV to the World Wildlife Fund, Addison/NY to Yes/CA. His editorial work is found from the "A's to Z's" from American Archaeology to Westways. His exhibitions include: "Elvis & America" in Oxford, MS (1995); "Cuba Images", Cienfuegos, Cuba (2000); Cuba Images on the Nickelodeon Channel, Burbank, CA (2001); "Cuba Work" in Santiago de Cuba (2001); "Pixel and Grain" Group Show in Los Angeles (2002); "Cuba-America" Bedlam Gallery, Los Angeles (2002); "Aesthetics", Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles (2009); "Carbon Black" Barbara's at the Brewery, Los Angeles (2011); and "Music Images", Kessler Theater, Dallas, TX (2011).


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